Franchise Opportunity Opens at MFC

Are you looking for the perfect investment for your hard-earned money?

Look no further! We have good news for you. Just this year, 2020, we have opened our doors to Franchising opportunities for aspiring individuals who wish to be part of our fast-growing food chain brand, Mad For Chicken. We are popularly-known for our irresistible Korean-style double-fried chicken, and we’ve been opening branches all over New York for the past year.

Currently, we are on our fourth branch, and we’re just getting started.

We just can’t wait to deliver and spread the goodness of our products, because we know that what we give our customers on a daily basis is exactly what they paid for – high-quality service and high-quality food items.

The owner of this reputable food chain is none other than the Franchise experts themselves, Mr. Sean Cho and Mr. Clinton Oh, who both have made their names in terms of their expertise in Franchise and in training leaders to become excellent in leading a successful team.

Why Invest in Mad For Chicken?

Simple, we help you the moment you become part of our team. We are masters in making a franchise branch succeed and our team of business experts and franchise coaches will continuously help you in starting up your very own Mad For Chicken franchise branch, with results that are proven and tested – just by looking at our all-successful stores.

When is the best time to invest?

There’s no better way to join our team than now! The earlier you make a decision, the more choices you have in terms of location and you can enjoy so many benefits too. We offer the best deals to all our Franchisee and it’s important to remember that you can never go wrong when opening up a FOOD store, like a restaurant, because this is a basic need and people will always go out to eat, no matter what time and no matter what season. So again, the food industry is indeed a great place to invest in.

Our lines are open if you have any questions about Franchising and the opportunity that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Visit for any questions.

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